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We have started a garden with these goals in mind:

  1. To offer the teachers and student a different educational platform
  2. To bring fresh seasonal vegetables into the cafeteria
  3. To offer fresh garden grown produce for the participating students

Gardening is a 365 day a year project and we will be working hard thru the summer to have a truly grand harvest this fall.  We have the support of not only the school administration, but have been adopted by Support Sonora School (SSS) and the Tuolumne County Master Gardeners.

If you and your family  would like to help we can sure use it!  We have jobs from small maintenance projects to large bed building.   So if you have a few minutes or a whole weekend let us know.  We also need those parents that have garden related skills, such as irrigation, carpentry etc.

Please contact Suzanne Harris at (209) 533-1290 or Mark Ferreira at (209) 814-7941 for more information.